Earn Reward Points
by investing in your
health, wellness, and fitness.

Fit Goals AI Travel Rewards Credit Card
Together, we will come back stronger.
As you invest in you, we invest in you.

Earn 80,000 bonus points if you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months. That's an estimated $800 rewards value that can be redeemed towards wellness services or travel.

Therapy Session Rewards

Rewarding your bravery in seeking help.

Gym Boutique Rewards

Shop local, so many businesses need support.

Personal Training Rewards

Getting you and your trainer back on track.

Subscription Rewards

Home or in the gym, you earn it.


As a rewards member, you get exclusive access to
Fit Goals AI

We eliminate health, wellness, and fitness biases.
We intersect your personal goals with science.

  • Personalized for you

  • Milestone Tracking and AI-powered analysis

  • A community that champions your success

Rewards Program

Wellness services and travel packages for your hard work and progress. This is how we motivate each other to come back stronger than ever!

AI Diet Planning

We use scientific algorithms that have proven scientific literature. We intersect that with your goals whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or maintaining your current physique.

Workout Programs

We’re establishing a new harmony between technology and fitness. We do more than recommend a program. Our AI will analyze your progress and give you insights into your next steps.

Fit Goals AI is more than a rewards company. They really care about my wellness.

Dani Anders

Early Access Member

Our Platform

Communal Motivation

Invite Based

Earn points for inviting others to join the community. At Fit Goals AI, you can network and build a meaningful social connection.

Reward Points as a Gift

Send points to friends, customers, or clients. This is great for relationship building. For professionals, this is a great way to fuel sales and retention for your business.

Chat Groups

Have fruitful conversations with your inner circles. Personal trainers and other professionals can moderate threaded conversations and create their own VIP groups.

HD Live Streaming

Members can stream content and retain relationships as more consumers invest in online fitness.

Progress Check-Ins

Health, wellness, and fitness is a journey. Our technology coupled with industry professionals give you the infrastructure to track progress, assess, and course-correct as necessary.

Working Together

Health, Wellness, and Fitness is a personal journey

We set you up for success early on.
From there, we help you navigate.


What customers are saying

I needed the positive reassurance. Thank you Fit Goals AI for the support.

Hare Volest

Early Access Member

I earn reward points for doing what I love. YES! I’m here for it!

Mya Vanseit

Early Access Member

The platform has been incredible as I navigate rough times in the fitness market.

Ryan Barrico

Early Access Member

I send my reward points to others. Pay it forward. That’s what it’s all about.

Adam Barne

Early Access Member

Friendly customer support team

3.6k Early Access Members

A win-win model for clients and business.

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A Recursive Support System

As you invest in you, we invest in you.

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